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The Troop's annual trip planning is driven by the Scouts via the Annual Planning Committee.  The Scouts identify the trip preferences for the upcoming 12 months and once reviewed and approved, become part of the calendar for the following Scouting year.  The monthly trips are in additions to community service, fund raising, and troop events.  We are a very active Troop with events planned for the full year.  

  1. September 2019               Labor Day Parade
  2. September 2019               Newtown Camporee
  3. September 2019               Sikorsky Merit Badge Workshop
  4. October 2019                    Arrow of Light Invitational
  5. November 2019                West Point Camping & Football
  6. December 2019                Christmas Caroling (Community Service)
  7. December 2019                Winter Camping with Arrow of light Scouts
  8. December 2019                Holiday Party & Court of Honor
  9. January 2020                    Klondike - Winter camping skills competition
  10. January 2020                    Troop Elections
  11. January 2020                    Ice Fishing
  12. January 2020                    Holiday Party & Court of Honor
  13. February 2020                  Indoor Climbing
  14. March 2020                      Ski Trip
  15. April 2020                         Earth Day Troop (Community Service)
  16. April 2020                         Backpacking Trip
  17. May 2020                         Biking Trip
  18. June 2020                        Annual Planning Conference
  19. June 2020                        White Water Rafting
  20. July 2020                         Reed Book Sale (Fund Raiser)
  21. July 2020                         Summer Camp
  22. July 2020                         High Adventure Trip - (MN & Canada canoe trip)
  23. August 2020                    Wilderness Survival
  24. September 2020              Fall Court of Honor & Family Appreciation Dinner
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